Dear people at White Cow Dairy,

I just tried your pumpkin yogurt for the first time. It was one of the most interesting and delicious yogurts I have ever had. Pumpkin is not a flavor that I generally choose for anything, but I really liked it in your yogurt. The texture along with the subtle taste of the yogurt were really wonderful, and interestingly nostalgic in an amorphous way.

I have never written anything like this to any company, but I thought the 5.5 oz jar I just consumed deserved something.

So, Thank You,

sam n.


After a sample box of white cow dairy (first) arrived at Manhattan's Murray’s Cheese, owner Rob Kaufelt responded, "Nothing has ever walked in the door like the box of fresh dairy that arrived from your farm this morning! Who are you, where are you, and where in the world did you learn to make foods like these!"

- Murray’s Cheese

"What many locals don’t realize as they pull quaint little jars of White Cow Dairy’s yogurt from the coolers of local supermarkets, is that these vessels of luscious, perfectly tangy, dairy goodness are treasures that people–especially foodies–across our great nation would gladly give an arm for. It seems that every month one of white cow’s fine products springs up from the pages of a glossy food magazine, respected newspaper or website. What is so special about this yogurt, after all? And, how is it that this man (along with his family and a handful of happy cows) have put East Otto, NY on the map? Let me tell you. Quality. Simplicity. Integrity. These are the ingredients…"

- Edible Buffalo


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